Dark Holidays


You know how things sometimes feel…off on the holidays? You’re not imagining things.

Come join us in a world where your fun, lovable holiday icons are transformed into evil, twisted horror fables. Presidents become zombies, Uncle Sam becomes a vampire, and Cupid becomes an evil sadistic hell spawn whose only goal is to break up love. Come, join us this holiday season, and find out for yourself what evil lurks behind all your favorite festive decorations and traditions.

Dark Holidays includes stories and poems by:

Abbey Sweeny
Amy Frischmann
D. A. DeCuzzi
Delcie McCulloch
John Reti
Kelsy Tiffany
Kerry E.B. Black
Matthew Stitt
Michael D. Kanoy
Michelle Renee Lane
Paul Adams
Paul Loh
Rita Dinis
Ryan Edel
Samie Sands
Sean Hoade
Thomas H. Brand
and Tony Dews

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